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How To Plan A Rustic Wedding

Recently, one of the more popular wedding themes to claim the limelight is the rustic wedding. It’s a chance to experience what could very well be the happiest day of your life, with a deep connection to nature. So many of us live cooped up in the city with rarely any time to get away from it all. The traditional church wedding, however beautiful, is very common and can often take place around the corner from where you work and shop.

If you’re looking for a wedding that stands out, one that people will remember for years to come, then perhaps a rustic wedding is for you. But how do you organise a rustic wedding? Don’t worry, we’re going to help you.

Start with the Colour Palette

It may be hard to describe what a rustic wedding is, but when you see one you know. Natural colours and earthy tones take centre stage. Organic shapes are also crucial in achieving the rustic vibe. Think wooden chairs and tables, fairy lights, lots of plants with green leaves. As the visuals start to form within your mind, you’ll be that much closer to throwing a rustic wedding that will feel as grounded as it is special. What’s more, rustic wedding attire is often quite different to your typical wedding clothing. We’re often asked ‘how do you dress for a rustic wedding?’ Think more casual whilst still matching the rustic tones that you’ve set so far.

Choosing the Right Venue

So, how do you choose a rustic wedding venue? Our advice is to think further afield, then perhaps further still. True rustic venues that are grounded in both history and nature are typically found in national parks and farmlands. We’re talking converted barns and farm houses, buildings that may be a few hundred years old. Mossy stone walls outside, thick wooden beams inside. As we said before, you’ll know it when you see it.

High Trenhouse Can Help

High Trenhouse is a converted farm house, established 40 years ago to host a range of events for those looking to reconnect with nature. Once a 1000 acre farm, High Trenhouse now caters for weddings, wellness retreats and corporate events. Our 21 bedroom facility can sleep up to 28 guests comfortably between our two main buildings, the Northend and the Bennett. In addition, we have a spa sauna where you and your guests can relax amongst the general busyness that accompanies a wedding. Everything about High Trenhouse gives off the rustic vibe you’re looking for, whilst still maintaining a very high quality and standard of service.

We haven’t even mentioned where we are yet. Situated amidst the stunning Yorkshire Dales, a wedding at High Trenhouse is as close to nature as you can possibly get. Enjoy a stroll past our mossy green stone walls or take your wedding pictures by tranquil ponds and winding paths.

If you’d like to learn more about High Trenhouse and to begin planning your rustic wedding, get in touch with us.

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