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Located within the charming, picturesque Yorkshire Dales, High Trenhouse has been accommodating guests and hosting events for more than 40 years. In May 2022, High Trenhouse gained its wedding licence. It is the perfect setting for those looking for a non-traditional wedding where they can connect with nature and experience the great outdoors amongst loved ones.


High Trenhouse is a 21 bedroom converted farm house with ample facilities for the perfect wedding including a sauna, dining area, two fully stocked bars and conferencing facilities. The wider surroundings include stunning water features and ponds, woodlands, 3.25 acres of greenery and all the livestock and wildlife associated with the neighbouring farms, Tarn and Malham Moor.


What’s more, the High Trenhouse team is committed to maintaining environmentally friendly practices. Minimal energy consumption, locally sourced produce, ethical waste practices and a respect for the natural environment are just a few of the ways we sustain that.


Our pledge to you is simple. We’ll give your wedding exclusive access to the entirety of High Trenhouse, so that your wedding is seamless from beginning to a beautiful end. Furthermore, you can immerse yourself in rustic, rural surroundings, aiding a more wholesome and deeper connection between you, your guests, and nature.


Where it all began


Since it was established more than forty years ago, High Trenhouse has only had two sets of owners.

The first of which, John Varney and Bernadette Shutte lovingly evolved High Trenhouse from its original state as a 1000 acre farm to a residential management centre in the 1980’s.

John, with a background in architecture, education and mountaineering put everything he had into designing a peaceful and picturesque environment for their guests.

Fast forward to 2022, following decades of dedication and successful events at High Trenhouse, John and Bernadette handed over the keys to Stuart Morris and Professor Jane Setter, the current owners.

With 20 years of experience as a wedding celebrant as well as being the founder of The International College of Professional Celebrants, Stuart brings his passion for nurturing, developing and supporting people. As Stuart is still a practising celebrant himself, he can also discuss any celebrant requirements you may have, or refer you to one of the many celebrants he has trained over the years. 

While at High Trenhouse, you’ll also be greeted by our general manager, Andrea Graham. Andrea has worked at High Trenhouse for several years and has been a permanent resident on the property since 2021.

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