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How can I include my pet in my wedding?

In an ideal world, every couple would have their pet accompany them up the aisle, they are part of the family, after all! Sadly, this just isn't always practical. Having a pet at a wedding pose many challenges. BUT with a little creativity you can find ways to include them in your day. You can easily include your beloved pet in a few photos, but make sure to add this to the wedding photo checklist you give your photographer! (See the post here for a list of questions to ask your photographer.) And if this is not possible then a fun photo will work!

Whether your pet will be able to attend will depend on the pet itself, the location and the wedding venue. Dogs tend to be the easiest pets to manage at weddings, but we know couples have taken their horses, goats and even rabbits along on their big day too!

If you're considering having your pet at your wedding, you have to ask yourselves a number of questions first:

  • Is your wedding venue located within a few hours' drive of your house?

  • Can your venue accommodate your pet?

  • Does your pet behave well in new environments?

  • Does your pet behave well around groups of people?

  • Are there other animals at your venue that your pet might like?

  • Is one of your guests willing to take care of your pet? After all you will be busy!

  • Can you find pet-friendly confetti?

  • Is it possible to hang your decorations up high so your pet can't get to them?

  • Any guests will allergies can prepare accordingly, so you will need to let them know your pet will be there on the big day.

Did you answer "no" to a couple of the above questions? If you did then having your pet attend your wedding may not be practical. But don't worry, you can find lots of other ways to include them in your day!

  • Talk about them in your ceremony.

  • Include them in your stationary.

  • Add photos of them into your decorations.

  • Get a friend to bring them to the venue just for a short period time.

  • Include them into your cake in some way.

  • Make a donation to an animal charity.

  • Name one of the drinks after them.

  • Wear jewellery with them on.

How High Trenhouse Can Help?

At High Trenhouse, we’ve been hosting events for over 40 years and received our marriage license in 2022. Since then we have hosted a number of beautiful weddings in our picturesque venue in the stunning Yorkshire Dales.

High Trenhouse is a rustic farmhouse venue, perfect for outdoor or indoor weddings for up to 50 people. A stunning exclusive venue where you can immerse yourself in nature. If you’d like to learn more about our venue, get in touch today.

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