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What questions should I ask a wedding photographer?

There is so much to do when planning a wedding and choosing your photographer is one of them. It's very important to choose the best person to work with for you and your big day, after all you are the one who has a vision for what your special day looks like. But how do you know who is a great fit and will be able to catch your vision and reproduce that in your photos? You are going to be looking at these photos for many years to come so you need to be happy with them!

Only through asking questions can we find this out and here are some examples to help you. These are not exhaustive so make sure to add your own questions too to the list! Meet in person with several photographers, the best ones to talk to are those recommended by word of mouth. Why?

Because in a word of mouth recommendation someone is telling you about their experience first hand, plus you get to see their photos and ask questions of them that you may not feel comfortable in asking the photographer. You have chance to find out the real nitty gritty of a persons experience!

Questions to ask.

  • Is my wedding date available?

  • What are your costs and do you have a cancellation policy?

  • Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance? What does that cover?

  • Do you have liability insurance? Does it cover your assistants, as well?

  • Will you be the person actually taking the pictures on my wedding day? If not see if you can speak to that person too before you book!

  • Have you taken wedding photos at the venue I am getting married at before?

  • Have you ever worked with any of our other wedding suppliers?

  • Do you have backup equipment? (If the answer is no.... don't book!)

  • What happens if you become ill on our wedding day?

  • How much will it cost and what is involved?

  • How long will you be with us on the day?

  • If there are delays on our wedding day will you stay longer and what would the costs be for that?

  • How many weddings have you photographed?

  • How many photographers and/or assistants will there be?

  • How will you and your assistants be dressed?

  • Can I see an example of a full set of wedding photos?

  • Can we use the photos to make our own album or prints if we want?

  • Can we give you a list of photos we would like taking?

  • How long will it take to receive the pictures?

  • Will we have the rights to the images?

  • Can I read your past reviews?

How High Trenhouse Can Help?

At High Trenhouse, we’ve been hosting events for over 40 years and received our marriage license in 2022. Since then we have hosted a number of beautiful weddings in our picturesque venue in the stunning Yorkshire Dales.

High Trenhouse is a rustic farmhouse venue, perfect for outdoor or indoor weddings for up to 50 people. A stunning exclusive venue where you can immerse yourself in nature. If you’d like to learn more about our venue, get in touch today.

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