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The 5 Facilities Every Wedding Venue Should Have

Weddings, the most special day of many people’s lives, whether you’re the ones betrothed, the family of the happy couple or the good friends. Weddings are special for a lot of reasons and as such, most people intending to get married want everything on the day to be as perfect as possible. The venue being a key element here. But what facilities does a great wedding venue need?

Let’s go on a journey through the 5 facilities every wedding venue should have.

  1. A Place to take Stunning Photos

No wedding day is complete without photos to remember the occasion. Many wedding photos have the standard church backdrop and try to include some greenery wherever possible. When you’re looking at wedding venues, you should scout out the surrounding areas. Is it picturesque? Is there a side street with bins from a local restaurant who may make an unfortunate appearance in the background of your photos? It matters.

  1. A Place to Relax and Rejuvenate

There’s no getting around it, weddings are stressful events. Even in the best case scenario, there’s so much to consider that even happy couples may leave with a headache. So how do you deal with stress during a wedding? A spa or sauna would be a huge benefit. Treatments before the wedding could be the difference between happy memories and memories of a pleasant yet busy time. What’s more, look for a venue situated amongst nature and reap the mental and physical benefits for a long time.

  1. A Place to Eat

Often when choosing a wedding venue, you must also find a place for you and your guests to eat afterwards. Some venues are already equipped to feed your guests and many of which are designed to ensure you all leave feeling more than satisfied. Depending on where your wedding is held, it may make sense to choose a location where the catering is included or at least very close by. Hungry guests don’t often make for happy guests.

  1. A Place to Sleep

Many weddings involve travel for a lot of people. How do you provide accommodation for your wedding guests? Just as above, many venues do provide accommodation. Some for fewer people than your typical hotel, but perhaps yourself, family and close friends could stay at the venue, giving you more time to prepare? It’s certainly something to consider.

  1. A Beautiful Place to Get Married

Last but certainly not least, the most important element to get married (besides the betrothed themselves) is a place to do so. You want something that matches your wedding theme, something that feels right. You’ll know it when you see it so there’s not a lot of advice we can give here.

Could High Trenhouse be the Venue You’ve Been Looking For?

High Trenhouse, a converted farm, situated in the stunning Yorkshire Dales could be the perfect wedding venue for your special day. Providing a spa/sauna, 2 fully stocked bars, a dining room with catering, 21 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 28 guests, two halls in which your ceremony can take place and of course, all the nature of the Yorkshire Dales right at your doorstep.

If this sounds like it could be the right fit for your wedding, get in touch with us today.

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