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Should I Have An Outdoor Wedding?

The great outdoors. A place we could all benefit from spending some more time in. On what could be one of the most special days of your life, your wedding, have you considered an outdoor wedding? A popular trend that many opt for over the traditional church wedding, more and more people are getting married outside. From large gardens to parks, we’ve seen it all. But why should you get married outdoors? How will that make the most special day of your life even more special? Well, stick with us for a while and we’ll find out together.

The Benefits of Being Outside

Most of us are already aware of the benefits of spending time outside. These benefits scale significantly the further away from hustling and bustling cities you go. Once you reach the countryside or seaside, you’re breathing cleaner air and you’re further away from the noise pollution so many of us are plagued by. Not only that, but you’re less exposed to information, whether that be from TV, your phone or display advertisements plastered here, there and everywhere. Once you’re away from all of that, your mind can begin to relax. Once you begin to relax, you can live in the moment and stop rushing. Something which we’re sure you will agree would be nice for your wedding day.

Will a wedding in nature be special? We get asked this question quite often. Our guests want to know whether the morning song of birds and the scurrying of squirrels will enhance the romance of their wedding day. The answer is always the same, absolutely. If you’re looking for the rustic, outdoors vibe you really can’t find a more picturesque and special place than the stunning Yorkshire Dales.

Creating a Memorable Experience

How do you create an unforgettable wedding experience? In this day and age where many of us have attended a number of beautiful weddings, how do you set yours apart? You could spend an untold amount on flowers, decorations, a band, the food and so on. Or you could host your wedding in the great outdoors amongst nature itself. Not only will the pictures look incredible, but the sounds of nature and the views will make for an experience you and your guests won’t soon forget.

What if it Rains at Your Outdoor Wedding?

In the unfortunate event that it begins to rain at your outdoor wedding and the various tenting and canopies isn’t sufficient, we have two beautifully designed, rustic rooms which can accommodate all of your guests. Alternatively, some of our guests choose to have their weddings indoors but spend the time before and after amongst the nature of the Yorkshire Dales. From mossy green walls and beautiful fairytale esque paths to water features and woodland ponds.

Getting Married at High Trenhouse

Once a 1000 acre farm, High Trenhouse is now a 2 building venue for all kinds of events. We have accommodation to host up to 28 people in 21 bedrooms, as well as two fully stocked bars, a dining room with catering and a spa sauna amongst other things. Make your wedding the rustic, fairytale experience you’ve always dreamed of right here at High Trenhouse. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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