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Questions To Ask Before Picking a Wedding Venue

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Congratulations. You’re engaged! Romance is in the air and you have many exciting adventures ahead of you. You’re probably walking on air and already browsing the wedding magazines for a dress, a makeup look and the perfect flower bouquet. But first and foremost, the most crucial part of your wedding planning will be the venue.

When searching for the best wedding venue for you, there are many questions for you to consider.

Where are the best wedding venues UK?

How much is a wedding venue?

Which wedding venues offer overnight accommodation?

Which wedding venues offer outdoor ceremonies?

How many guests can I have?

Which wedding venues have wedding coordinators?

Where are the wedding venues near me?

And so on…

We are here to answer your questions and help you to decide on a wedding venue for your big day. Here’s our guide…

  1. Do you want a small or big wedding?

If you want a large, grand wedding, you will need a large, grand venue! Hotels are often a good choice of venue for this, as they can accommodate more guests, have ample overnight accommodation, usually have a dance floor, and more often than not they offer parking too. If you want a smaller, more intimate wedding, you might decide on a smaller bespoke hotel, farmhouse, community hall or even a garden. You should check with your wedding venue in advance about their maximum capacity. Also, make an ‘essential’ and ‘desirable’ list of guests, so that you can see what your bottom line is when it comes to numbers.

  1. Do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both indoor and outdoor weddings. The great outdoors can give you a beautiful landscape, whereas an indoor wedding can give you more privacy and spare you from getting rained on. The choice is yours. Your best option is perhaps to choose a venue that offers both, and that way you can decide on your preference nearer the day.

  1. Do you need overnight accommodation?

Some guests may be travelling a long distance for your wedding and might require overnight accommodation. Similarly, if your venue isn’t close to home, you’ll need somewhere to stay too. In some cases, the bridal party will stay overnight at the venue, while other guests pick a local hotel. In other cases, you might want all guests to stay at the venue with you. You must ask your venue for more information on what they can offer and also consider the surrounding area and transport links.

  1. Does it have a wedding licence

For a legal wedding ceremony to be performed, the venue must have a wedding licence. You cannot, unfortunately, rock up into any old garden or building and get married there. Enquire with your chosen venue about their licensing. And, while you’re at it, ask about any restrictions they might have such as music / noise licences or alcohol licences.

  1. How long do you want to be at the venue?

If you want to use the venue for the ceremony only, you might only need a few hours for prep and the ceremony itself. If you’d like the venue to double up as a reception, you will need to hire the premises for longer. You may also want exclusivity, to prevent sharing with other guests. Check with your venue in advance before making any decisions.

High Trenhouse for your wedding

At High Trenhouse, we cater for smaller, bespoke weddings requiring either indoor or outdoor ceremonies. We can hold up to 50 guests, and accommodate 28 overnight. We also provide catering, so you won’t need to organize this separately.

Contact us today to enquire about our wedding venue for your big day. We look forward to meeting you during this romantic and exciting time of your life.

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