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How Much Does A Wedding Cost?

For every engaged couple, the cost of your wedding will crop up at some point in your journey together. The average cost of a wedding has soared in recent years, rising to nearly £20,000 at the end of 2021. But you are not just ‘average’! For some couples, a wedding is a lavish party of a lifetime with money being no object. For others, a tight control over finances is a major consideration. For most, the reality is somewhere in the middle. So how much will your wedding cost? How do you keep tabs on spending while ensuring your special day remains memorable and stress-free?

Honest conversations

Good communication between you both remains key. What does your partner prioritise? What do you feel the most important aspect of your wedding will be? Sit down together and decide on what matters to you both and where you can agree to economise.


Typically, the biggest areas of spending are the venue, catering and the honeymoon, so these are an ideal place to start. Inspirational ideas for a wedding can be found anywhere. But before committing to a decision; shop around, read reviews and compare prices. Local suppliers can offer good value for money and add a truly unique touch.

A wedding is made memorable by staying true to the wedding vision you made with your partner. Your guests will not remember if you substituted fine cava for vintage champagne, or if the wedding dress was bought from an online vintage boutique rather than a designer brand. They will remember the atmosphere of the wedding; did both your personalities shine through?


Keeping a wedding journal will help you monitor your spending. It also has the added benefit of being a wonderful memento of your special day together. Perhaps an online planner or private blog would suit you best. Or a personalised notebook. Either way, planning a budget will mean you will always feel in control.

How much does a wedding at High Trenhouse cost?

At High Trenhouse, our costs are transparent and easy to find on our website. Our wedding packages are comprehensive and includes overnight accommodation for yourselves and up to 8 guests. Our dedicated team will be happy to discuss any additional extras you require, ensuring you remain in control of the whole process.

Our wealth of experience in the wedding industry and contacts with local suppliers mean we offer a truly personal service to suit all budgets.

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