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Do I Need A Wedding Coordinator?

What is a wedding coordinator? What is their role in your wedding, how much do wedding coordinators cost and is it worth having one. These are questions you might be asking yourself now that you are newly engaged.

Today we will dive into the topic a little more and introduce you to what we do here at High Trenhouse.

What is a wedding coordinator?

A wedding coordinator takes on the burden of organising the various aspects of your wedding. They might be involved in things like:

  • Venue setup

  • Design / general look of the wedding

  • Floral designs / Cake design

  • Finding you a great wedding dress

  • Talking to other suppliers to help make the day special

  • Ceremonial order and proceedings

  • Guest management

  • Overseeing the event on the day to ensure it goes smoothly

  • Liasing with the celebrant

This takes a lot of stress away from the central couple and allows one person to oversee multiple tasks.

How Many People Use Wedding Coordinators?

Almost a third of couples are using wedding coordinators / wedding planners to remove the burden of responsibility from themselves. This goes to show how important and helpful the role can be. Planning a wedding is incredibly stressful, and many brides and grooms know that it’s easier to give these tasks to someone else - someone qualified and who has planned many weddings before.

Why Use A Wedding Coordinator?

There are three main reasons you should hire a wedding coordinator for your UK wedding.

1. It reduces pre wedding stress.

80% of couples report extreme pre wedding stress - some to the point that it can cause physical symptoms like nausea, skin outbreaks and weight changes. The last thing you need when approaching this important and loving milestone in life, is to feel physically and emotionally unwell. Planning a wedding requires juggling multiple tasks and unless you have excellent project management skills, it can be incredibly difficult to do.

2. It helps keep the day smooth and successful

When you are enjoying your big day, it’s important to be in the moment and experience it to the maximum. If you are worrying about the timings, the caterers, where Uncle John is sitting, or where the photographer is, you can’t really focus on the important bit - your wedding! Sit back and relax while the wedding coordinator takes all your strain away. They will oversee everything on the day and keep the event running smoothly and without fault.

3. They know what they are doing

Unless you have planned a few weddings before, you are likely to be completely new to the process. And that means risking some mistakes, not getting the best suppliers or best deals, or getting the order of everything wrong. A wedding coordinator brings skills and experience that allow for a much more professional result.

High Trenhouse Wedding Coordination

High Trenhouse are proud to have a wedding coordinator on site to help you on your big day. Should you choose to have your Yorkshire wedding at High Trenhouse, you will be introduced to our specialist who can listen to your requirements and bring your dream wedding to life. Contact us to get more information about weddings here at High Trenhouse.

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