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An Interview With: Andrea Graham - High Trenhouse Wedding / Events Coordinator

High Trenhouse has been hosting special occasions and events for decades. Yoga retreats, art workshops, corporate training and much more… And, In 2022, the premises obtained its wedding licence, with its first wedding taking place in September.

For weddings at High Trenhouse to be a true success, the decision was made to welcome Andrea Graham to join the team. Andrea has been kind enough to join us for a quick interview and answer some common questions about planning a wedding here.

Andrea, what got you into this line of work and what do you enjoy about it?

I love organising events in general, and weddings are particularly special events! I’ve done a lot of event planning and I love bringing all the elements of the event together and seeing the results, as well as getting to be really creative for a living.

How would you describe a typical wedding at High Trenhouse?

There is no such thing as a typical wedding. Every couple is different so we ensure that every wedding and event is unique and bespoke, and exactly what the couples want. When I first meet a couple it is important for me to get to know them, understand their values and vision and then work to achieve exactly what they are looking for. Saying that, at High Trenhouse, some of our weddings have commonalities - they tend to be smaller and more intimate weddings, and we attract a lot of people who seek outdoorsy / natural styled themes. Other than that, they are incredibly diverse.

What would you say are the essential ingredients for a successful wedding?

I’d say there are 3 key essentials. The first is vision - to know what we are trying to achieve. The second is organisation. We can only be organised if we have a vision, so they go hand in hand. There are so many moving parts to a wedding and being one step ahead of the game is important. Lastly, personalisation - this is your chance to make your wedding / event exactly what you want it to be.

What do you think makes High Trenhouse different from other wedding venues?

We understand that every wedding is different and unique to the couple. We have no other wedding venues near us and certainly not with the same personal feel and flexibility between formal or informal. High Trenhouse also has all the elements you need for a wedding in one package - overnight accommodation, full catering, a wedding coordinator, and even an in-house celebrant should you need one! Basically, when you book with High Trenhouse, you eliminate many of the ‘to do’ items on your list because they are seen to by us.

At what point in the wedding planning stage would you suggest brides/grooms look for a venue?

This needs to be the very first thing the couple decide on. Choosing the venue allows you to set the date which means everything else can be planned / booked. The venue is the heart of the event and once you have the date, the excitement of the planning can begin. There’s no recommended timeline for this but most couples will book about a year in advance to ensure all the other planning can take place. A good thing about High Trenhouse is that, when you book this venue, you have also simultaneously sorted your catering, bar and accommodation. So, there’s only a few things left to organise.

Why do you think having a wedding coordinator is important?

It takes a huge amount of the stress out of the planning and running of the day for the couple. We know the venue and what is possible, we know trusted suppliers, which saves time and hassle. But also, on the day, it allows you both to enjoy every moment because the running is in the hands of the coordinator. At High Trenhouse, a coordinator is part of the package deal, so there’s no need to pay extra for this service.

What are the best questions brides/grooms can ask a wedding coordinator?

Talk to your wedding coordinator about your vision as they have plenty of good ideas, and they know what is possible within the venue’s capabilities. Some couples struggle with what’s possible, so ask your coordinator about what your vision is and they can help make things happen. You should also ask about the order in which the day should run - your coordinator will have seen dozens of weddings in the past and knows the best way to plan the day.

If you are interested in having a wedding at High Trenhouse, you can speak to Andrea directly. Email her today on and discuss your vision for your wedding.

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