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5 Moments of your Wedding You'll Never Forget

Your wedding will be one of the most special days of your entire life, if not the most special. There’s a good reason for that. It’s all about you (and your partner of course). It’s a day you get to plan out to include everything you want, budget allowing. On this fateful day, there’ll be a lot of moments that you’ll remember fondly. But there are 5 key moments of every wedding that you’ll never forget. But it can’t hurt to ensure someone captures it on camera.

The Moment You Cut the Cake

There’s something special about cutting the cake. It’s perhaps one of the first actions you take as a newlywed and it’s also followed by eating of said cake. No matter how big the cake is, whether it's 6 layers tall or one, it’s your wedding cake and it’s there for you to enjoy. There may be better tasting cakes out there, but the taste of your wedding cake after you and your partner cut the first slice is an unforgettable moment.

Your First Dance

Speaking of firsts as newlyweds, one of the moments that will never leave your head is your first dance and your first song. Some couples plan their first dance for months. Others take to the stage with nothing but love and a desire to move their feet. Both options are as valid as the other, but you can be rest assured, this will be a special moment.

Arriving at the Venue

You may have already seen the venue, perhaps even more than once, before your wedding day. But at that time, it’s just one of many options. On the day itself, when you see the place you’re about to get married in just a mere few hours, something hits you. Regardless of where you get married, you’ll never forget this moment. Although you might want to choose somewhere picturesque, you know, for the pictures.

Leaving the Venue

Regardless of what wedding traditions you follow, this is one of the big understated moments of any wedding. When you arrive at the venue, you’re still legally single. But when you leave, you’re officially married. Whether you take a limo to the hotel or jet off to the airport for a honeymoon, you’re doing it together and that, that is worth something you can’t put into words.

The Ceremony Begins

Whether you’re standing at the altar, or the one walking into the venue, there’s a magical moment about to happen. The moment you see your partner, your soon to be, your match. Most traditional weddings would have you not see one another for the majority of the morning, up until this one moment. And there’s a big reason for that. The anticipation builds up to an extreme amount and then it’s all smooth sailing from there.

Just remember, to enjoy yourself.

High Trenhouse - The Wedding Venue of your Dreams

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